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This is what we offer while being on set. Feel free to contact us and we can work out what workflow works best for your Production!

Media Management

We Make sure your files are safely and properly backed up. Aswell as work closely with the Editor to figure out a folder structure that will help them in the long term. 

On Set Color Correction/Grade

To help the Cinematographer get a head start on the Color Grade, we create LUTs and color correct the files. To make sure all the shots are proper for the Post Production process. This also helps Production get an idea of the color early on.

Monitoring Exposure

We work closely with the Cinematographer to make sure the shots are properly exposed via our own personal monitor remotely linked to Camera.

Transcodes & Proxies

We convert the footage into a lower resolution or viewable file to help speed up the Editor's workflow.

Live Grade

We offer a Live Color Correction applied directly to Client's monitor. To help produce a better idea of what the final product will look like as it is shot. 


To help Production get an idea of what the shots are looking like. We offer string outs of the entire day to be viewed later on upon request.

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